Tuesday 5 June 2018

Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope (2014)

The fourth album from this international band.

Transatlantic is, and I quote from my recent review of their third album The Whirlwind, a band with Pete Trewavas (bass, synths, vocals), Roine Stolt (percussion, moog, mellotron, minimoog, electric guitars, vocals), Neal Morse (acoustic guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals).
The band had help from a cello player, a pedal steel guitar player and an xtra vocalist. 

New quote from The Whirlwind review: These guys are the royal family of the prog rock world. They comes from bands like Marillion, Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, Kaipa and The Flower Kings. They have branched out to other bands too and is very active.

You can find my review of The Whirlwind here, btw. I have also reviewed their first two albums for ProgArchives many, many years ago.

The title track on this album is half an hour long. The opening track Into The Blue is twenty-five minutes long. Three shorter tracks are between four and eight minutes long. The album still clocks in at seventy-five minutes and you can also get a bonus CD with various cover versions of well known prog anthems.

We are still very much in the symphonic prog world here. Take a blend off all the above mentioned bands and you get this band and this album.

Kaleidoscope sounds fresher and better than The Whirlwind. The music is also more focused and to the point. The music is also lot better because of this new focus.

The end result is a very good album and an album most people probably already got. Those into symphonic prog will love this album.

3.5 points


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