Friday 11 December 2020

TCP - Temporal Chaos (2016)

The third and final album from this US band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

I have really enjoyed their first two albums and was therefore off course looking forward to sink my ears and brain into this album.

The band still sounds like a crossover between The Watch, Genesis, Marillion and King Crimson. That is their sound and music.

The vocals still sounds like Peter Gabriel and the vocalist in The Watch too. 

The music is pretty complex but it is also melodic. There is a lot of bite on this album.

This album is sorely missing a great track or two. The vocals and the sometimes pastoral sound makes this a very good album though and I have noted down TCP as one of the better US progressive rock bands. They have certainly impressed me.

Check out this album.

3.5 points

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