Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Hammill. Peter - Fool's Mate (1971)

The debut album from this British artist.

The Van Der Graaf Generator frontman Peter Hammill did the vocals, piano and guitars on the album.
He was helped out by other greats in the scene who provided guitars, bass, mandolin, harp, saxophones, organ, piano, drums, percussion and vocals.

I have always been a Van Der Graaf Generator fan and an admirer of Peter Hammill. I have been aware of his solo albums and have been collecting some of them.
These are now up for review this winter in this blog.

.... Starting with his debut album which I have heard is a bit different from the other albums.

Peter Hammill's vocals is pretty evident from the start to the finish. There is a lot of the same structures in the songs here as we finds on a good VDGG album. The dramatic melancholic vibe.

The music on this album is a lot lighter and a lot more poppy than the VDGG albums from that time. Albums who were pretty dark.

This album is almost light and sunny compared to the VDGG albums. It still has a melancholic edge.

The music is good throughout and that makes it an enjoyable album. I am pretty sure I will become a fan of his solo albums too.

3 points

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