Friday, 15 February 2019

Falling Edge - FE3 (2018)

The third album from this Canadian band.

Falling Edge is a duo with a lineup of guitars, synths, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals.

The duo is Rob Kovar and Chris Rupert.

I have reviewed their first two albums for both ProgArchives and # 1 of this blog.

I was not too taken in by these two albums as I found them a bit limited in scope and quality.

The band plays mainly neo-prog with some hard rock and prog metal influences. The sound is big and the music is pretty bombastic. It is also pretty melodic at times.

The vocals is really good and the instruments supports it well.

There is no really great track on this one hour long album. A couple of good songs brightens up this album who falls a bit short. The same can also be said about their first two albums too, I am afraid.

2.5 points

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