Saturday 11 April 2020

Scarlet Hollow - A Window to October (2020)

The second album from this US band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, synths, guitars and vocals.
They had help from three guest musicians who provided guitars and tablas.

I reviewed their 2012 debut album What If Never Was five years ago and liked that good album. See my review here.

The band is not the most productive band..... It is eight years since their last album.

The band is still based on female vocals.

Their genre is a mix of neo-prog, a lot of folk rock and some Americana. But mostly a mix of progressive folk with some psych and neo-prog.

The vocals and the sound has a warm feeling throughout these seventy minutes. There is some good guitar solos here too and a lot of guitar harmonies which livens up this album.

I would say that the lush cover art-work very much describe the music here. There are even some melancholy on this album. It is not a happy-chappy album by any means.

The music is properly crafted throughout these twelve songs. There is no outstanding songs here though.

The quality is good throughout and the band should not wait eight years until the next album. They are very much welcome to release more albums.

3 points

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