Monday 25 June 2018

Schoenherz - What A Night (1978)

The one and only album from this Austrian musician.

Richard Schonherz on synths, organ, grand piano, electric piano and vocals had help from seven other musicians who provided guitars, drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and female vocals.

Richard Schonherz had also released an album with another musician under the Rigoni & Schoenherz name. Victor is the name of that album. An album still waiting to be reviewed by me. One of many albums.

What A Night is forty-five minutes long.

The music is a mix of ELP, Supertramp and pop music. Some of the songs are pretty dark too. Others are more light and less moody. Some of the tracks are in the symph prog and fusion vein. There are even some funky fusion here.

The vocals are good and so is Richard on his instruments. The sound too is good.

I am not really sure who Richard wanted to reach with this album. I guess the prog rock audience. The dying embers of this scene. This album is very diverse and not really easy to pin down.

The music is decent enough though and it is an album well worth checking out at Youtube.

2 points

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