Tuesday 4 September 2018

Massois. Gerald - Le Vol Erratique D'un Papillon (2018)

The debut album from this French artist.

Gerald Massois on French vocals, bass and guitars had help from three other musicians who provided brass, woodwinds, harps, drums, keyboards and piano.

I have never heard about this artist before and were not particular looking forward to reviewing this album. One man and an album is not exactly my favourite subject and genre. It is very rare that good music comes from this combination. A combination of some skills, narcissism and no ability to choose between good and bad stuff.

One listen to this album and I had to accept that there is an exception to this rule. This album and this artist.

Gerald really likes Ange and Dream Theater. That is very obvious on this seventy-five minutes long album. An album with music which really soars towards the skies above France but which is still very much made in France.

The songs are epic and some of them are pretty heavy with very obvious Dream Theater influences. The other songs are more symphonic prog with clear Ange influences.

I am really happy about this album and has added Gerald Massois to my list of the biggest talents in today's prog rock scene. This is indeed a very good album and one to check out. 

3.5 points