Sunday 1 December 2019

Habelard2 - Qwerty (2013)

The debut album from this Italian one-man project.

The project is the ex Ad Majora keyboardist Sergio Caleca on keyboards and vocals.

Sergio has to this date released six albums under this name and I have three of them up for release.... starting with this one.

I am mad about RPI.... Progressive rock from Italy. So when I heard about Habelard2 and the label "RPI", I went for three of their albums.

This "RPI" label is a bit of a hit and miss label. Sometimes, those who include bands under this label gets it horrible wrong.

This album is a good example.

Qwerty is to put it kind a bit of a Goblin light album. This because it has twenty-one pieces lasting from half a minute to closer to six minutes.

The opening ten minutes is pretty horrible where I am really struggling to find any positives. The album gets a bit up to speed from there with a couple of really good pieces around the half an hour mark.

Those pieces is the only ones who saves this keyboards driven dreary album from the turkey status. This is an album best avoided unless short keyboards themes is your thing.

1.5 points

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