Sunday 7 October 2018

Izz - Everlasting Instant (2015)

The seventh album from this US band.

Izz is a seven piece big band on this album with a lineup of drums, percussion, guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals. Both male and female vocals.
Two guest musicians provided cello and flute.

Izz has released six albums before this album with US neo-prog and symphonic prog. They started out as neo-prog, but soon moved to a landscape somewhere between neo and symphonic prog.

I do not have their newest album, the 2016 album Amplersand Vol II. But I guess we can also find the band in this landscape too on that album.

Everlasting Instant gives us guitars, keyboards and female vocals drenched melodic neo and symphonic prog. This album is not as hard as their previous two albums. Neither is this a soft album with easy melodies and AOR like music.

The music is again very complex and dense. There is a lot of strange turns and going ons on this album. Not everything seems logical on this album. Very few things sounds logical here.

That is Izz's weakness and strength. Their lack of some really proper melodies and the complexity of their music. At times, their music sounds is getting lost.

This is still a good album and a good band I really care about. A band I follow. I wish they would step up one level and deliver some great music, though. But I cannot complain too much about this album.

3 points

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