Saturday 13 June 2020

SBB - Ze Słowem Biegnę Do Ciebie (1977)

The third album from this band from Poland.

The band was a trio with a lineup of percussion, guitar, mellotron, moog, electric piano, clavinet, bass and vocals.

SBB continued on from two very good albums.

The original version of this album has two twenty minutes long songs. Altogether, this is an almost forty minutes long album. And it is my rule to review only original albums.
I say this because the Metal Mind version includes the half an hour long Odejscie suite and that takes the album to over an hour.
The Metal Mind version of this album is half a star better than the original version. So go for that version.

SBB gives us a mix of psych rock, symphonic prog and fusion on these two piece of music.

The music is at times very pastoral and melancholic. It is also epic when it is neither of those two things. Epic and technical.

The vocals are very good and ditto for the instruments which is a mix of tangents based and guitars based.

This is another intriguing album from this band and a reminded that Poland has always had a great music scene. From Chopin to today. SBB is one of the great bands from Poland and this is a very good album.

3.5 points

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