Thursday 8 June 2017

Seti - Life Signs (2005)

The debut album from this Chile based band.

Seti was an eight piece big band on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and English vocals.

Seti was started by Claudio Momberg and another Subterra member. Subterra released three albums between 2000 and 2005. It was a neo-prog band too.

And so it Seti too. A neo-prog band.

Life Signs gives us forty-six minutes of neo-prog in the more symphonic vein. There are some ambient stuff here and some very dynamic guitars and keyboards fuelled melodies. Mostly keyboards and piano fuelled melodies with some sporadic vocals.

By far the best track here is the five minutes long Uncertainty with the great guitar solo at the end. This album also contains a seventeen minutes long suite called The Ship Of Joy. This suite takes the band into a bit of a Pink Floyd and Eloy territory.

The end result is a mixed bag with some rather very good and some decent stuff. This is a good album which the band can be happy about. Check it out if neo-prog floats your boat.

3 points

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