Sunday 29 April 2018

Weather Report - Procession (1983)

The 11th album from this US band.

Weather Report was a quintet with a lineup of saxophones, drums, bass, concertina, percussion, keyboards and synths.
The band had help from The Manhattan Transfer on the vocals and the voices bits. That band alone was a multi-million albums selling band at that time.

We still find Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul at the helm of Weather Report. Omar Hakim joined them on this album.

I reviewed all their previous ten albums in # 1 of this blog and really liked them. Those ten albums.... and Procession, is albums which will make my life happier in the decades to come. 

Procession is following in the path of their ten previous albums in the beginning. Lots of great interplays between Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul. Wayne Shorter's solos is great too. The music is both jazz and funk at the same time.

Manhatten Transfer's contributions to this album, which is my first ever meeting with this band, is good as these two bands merge and becomes one unity. The cooperation between these two bands sends this album to a more African landscape.

This forty minutes long album has again rekindled my interest in this band and their music. They are very high on my list of my favourite bands.

There is no real great songs on this album. This is still a very good album though from one of the masters of fusion and jazz.

3.5 points


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