Saturday 21 April 2018

Kayak - Cleopatra The Crown Of Isis (2014)

The 16th album from this Dutch band.

Kayak was a seven piece big band with a lineup of keyboards, bass, percussion, guitars, drums and vocals. Both male and female vocals.
They had help from numerous other musicians who provided violins and vocals.

This is a rock opera and a proper one. 2 CDs. The vocalists plays their roles as Julius Cesar, Mark Antony etc etc.

This album is a big, big undertaking. The music is also big and pretty much a mix of a musical and an opera. The vocals is not operatic. They are more like musicals. Cincy Oudshoorn and Edward Reekers from the regular Kayak is among the regular vocalists here.

It is pretty easy, and interesting, to follow the story. It is one of the biggest stories of all time. It always reminds me about the movie of the same name. One of the biggest and most known movies of all time.

The music on this almost two hours long album will never gain the same status and reputation. The music is good though and this is a very solid album. It is probably one of the albums Kayak will be most remembered for. Probably loved for too.

I have my reservations as there are no real great tracks here. It is a good album though..... and do not forget to watch the 1963 movie too. 

3 points


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