Monday 30 April 2018

Squire. Chris - Fish Out Of Water (1975)

The debut album from this British artist.

Chris Squire did all the basses and the lead vocals here. He had help from Bill Bruford on drums, Jimmy Hastings on flutes, Mel Collins on saxophones, Patrick Moraz on hammond and moog. Some others also chipped in with pipe organ and vocals. A full classical orchestra helped out too.

Chris Squire was a member of Yes for the best part of 40 years until he sadly passed away three years ago. He also released, strangely enough, only two solo-albums. This one and one in 2007.

Prog Magazine put this album on their April 2018 front cover and I got this album soon afterwards after discovering that I did not already have it. A good choice !

This album is by all means a Yes album. Musically, at least. There is very little between this album and a fully fledged Yes album anno Close To The Edge and Topographic Ocean.

Chris vocals is very good. The music is big and fleshed out by some classical music instruments. The music is very bombastic at times.

It also has a good mood and sound. And the music is great from the beginning to the end of these forty-two minutes. This is indeed a great album and I am glad Prog Magazine pointed out to me that I should get it. Hence, I will still subscribe.....

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  1. Probably my favorite Yes solo album not including Rick Wakeman's output. Very strong stuff....Squire's trademarked bass sound all over this mutha and he's got an excellent voice too. Hold Out Your Hand is a killer cut!

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