Tuesday 10 April 2018

Camembert - Negative Toe (2017)

The second album from this French band.

Camembert was a sextet with a lineup of woodwinds, bells, whistles, percussion, xylophone, harp, drums, guitars, fx, bass, marimba, glockenspiel, triangle, timpani, tubular bells, tam tam, chacha, campana, bongos, clave, whistle, bugle and vocals.
Ten other guest musicians provided woodwinds and female vocals.

I was pretty impressed by their 2011 debut album Schnørgl Attack. See my review here. Their 2009 EP Clacosmique is also a very good piece of music. See my review here.

Camembert is a fusion/jazz band....... sort of. The music is pretty wild though and this is by no means a run of the mill fusion/jazz album or band.

The music is pretty wild and quirky. It also have an eclectic feel. So much that I feel this is a Canterbury progjazz album.

The various whistles, drums and bells adds a lot of value to this one hour long album. The woodwinds are also very good.
This is still a pretty melodic album although the melodies are a bit to find. Nevertheless, they are here and they are very good. It is indeed a very good album from a band I put on my great-talents list after the release of their EP. Check out this album and their two other releases too.

3.5 points


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