Tuesday 24 April 2018

Kestrel - Kestrel (1975)

The one and only album from this British band.

Kestrel was a quintet with a lineup of synths, bass, drums, guitars, percussion and vocals.

Kestrel was a band who released this album and then disappeared. Members of this band later played with the likes of David Bowie and in many other bands.

Lack of commercial success was the demise of this band and I can understand why this album did not sell that well.

The music is melodic proto-prog. Fantasy and Spring is good references. I would put pop rock as a label on their music too.

There is not much technical brilliance in this album. There are some really good mellotron though. The vocals is also good.

Those two things are the only positive on this decent to good album. It is a bit of a dull album which has not survived the test of time. Nevertheless, check it out.

2.5 points



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