Thursday 12 April 2018

Phi - Cycles (2018)

The fourth album from this Austrian band.

Phi is a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

The band has so far released four album on a respectable German label without making that many waves in the scene. I have never heard about the band before this one dumped into my intray.

Maybe one of the reasons I was not aware of this band is that they are a progressive metal band. A genre I tend to avoid. But this album deserve a review.

The band gives us fifty minutes of progressive metal in the same vein as Riverside, Tool, Mars Volta and Porcupine Tree.

There is a lot of harsh, chugging guitars here. The vocals is pretty typical heavy metal vocals with some screams inbetween a pretty solid deliverance of the lyrics.
There are also some guitar harmonies and some harmonies between the keyboards and the guitars too.

The music is very hard and heavy. It is not too bad though. The band is tight and delivers the goods.

The songs are not that good though and that is the weakness of this album. That is my gripe with this album, indeed. There are some sporadic good bits. But the quality is lacking...... I am afraid.

2.5 points

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