Sunday 1 April 2018

I Am Three People - Explore the Vertical (2012)

The one and only album from this Finnish man.

I Am Three People is the Finnish man Pekka Turunen on guitars, bass, drums and keyboards.

He released this album through Bandcamp and that is the last we have heard from I Am Three People.

The promo blurb says he is influenced by all types of music. Which shines through this album..... after a very heavy rocking opening track.

There is a lot of ambience inbetween the onslaughts of heavy guitars. Some of the music is thrash metal too. But without the vocals. There are also some acoustic guitars here. The sound is decent enough too.

Pekka is an accomplished musician and that is really that.

These forty minutes are decent enough but also very dull. This album is by no means the best product to ever come from Finland.

2 points

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