Saturday 14 April 2018

After The Fall - Early Light (2018)

The fifth album from this US band.

After The Fall was a sextet with a lineup of keyboards, drums, bass, guitars and vocals.

I had never heard about this band before this album landed on my lap, ready to be reviewed. So I cannot make any comments on their previous albums. There is not may Youtubes with their earlier stuff either.

Their music is not easy to label.......

OK, take some heavy prog, some prog metal and some symphonic prog. Add some pomp rock too and you should get this album.

There is also some vaudeville and musicals type of rock and pop here too.

This album is kicking in all directions and is full of surprises. Not all of them are that nice. It is an typical US album where big is good.

That is also reflected in the length of this album. Almost seventy minutes long. An album with not so many good ideas and an overflow of decent stuff. I am not won over. I am actually finding this album very dull and not gratifying. The reasons is the lack of any good songs. Hence the rating.

2 points

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