Sunday 15 April 2018

Horslips - Short Stories / Tall Tales (1979)

The ninth album from this Irish band.

Horslips was a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, flutes, percussion and vocals.
The band had help from two guest musicians who provided piano and tambourine.

I have reviewed some of their albums this year and it is fair to say that I have found them underwhelming. You can find these reviews somewhere else in this blog.

This album was their last album before they were reformed again in 2004 and released an album called Roll Back the same year. I do not have that album. Neither am I going to purchase it either.

The band has played a lot of gigs too after they reformed again. Most of them in Dublin and the rest of Ireland where they still have a big name and a very good reputation.

Back in 1979, these pioneers of Irish folk rock were reduced to a band playing straight rock. Straight rock with a lot of very strong pub rock influences. Well, this is a pub rock album. A half an hour long pub rock album. There is even some rockabilly here and one song with some nods back to their folk rock roots.

The music is simple and without any quality. Well, unless pub rock is your style. The band sounds lost on this album. An album with no redeeming qualities. Hence it's inclusion in my exclusive list of turkeys.

1 point


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