Tuesday 10 April 2018

Kayak - Anywhere But Here (2011)

The 15th album from this Dutch band.

Kayak was a seven piece big band on this album with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, accordion, percussion, male and female lead vocals.
The band was supported by a violinist.

I have reviewed some of their albums during this winter and you can find my reviews somewhere else in this blog. Have a look.

I am no expert on Kayak whatsoever. I like this band and regard them as one of the biggest bands from the mainland Europe. Their music is a bit more poppy than my liking, though....

Anywhere But Here is fifty-four minutes long. The music is not easy to label.

A lot of the music here reminds me about musicals. The music, with the great vocals from Cindy Oudshoorn, is bombastic and in the ballads genre too. Overblown ballads.

Some of the music is pretty hard-rocking too. Other parts of this album is pretty progressive.

The songs are pretty short. In some cases, mercifully short. Some of the music is slightly cringe-worthy. But there is also some good music here.

I rate this album somewhere between decent and good. It is far from being their best album, I am afraid.

2.5 points


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