Monday 9 April 2018

IOEarth - Solitude (2018)

The fourth album from this British band.

IOEarth is a seven piece big band with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, flute, saxophones, violin, keyboards, percussions, male and female vocals.

This is my first ever meeting with this band I have heard a lot about during the last years. So I was looking forward to review this album.

The band's music is a mix of neo-prog and art rock. There is also some symphonic prog here. References..... A bit Pink Floyd shines through and a lot of the other female vocals fronted prog rock bands from the UK. Magenta, Panic Room etc etc.

Rosanna Lefevre's vocals are superb and very much fitting for the music. There is also a lot of guitar solos here.

The songs on this seventy-five minutes long album are all very well crafted and like small pieces of art. Not all the art is like something I would put in my living room. But most of the songs are good to very good.

Some of the album is also melancholic and has got a sombre mood. That adds something to this album which makes an important difference.

My opinion is that I should get some more of their albums after listening a lot to this very good album. An album I would recommend.

3.5 points


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