Tuesday 10 April 2018

Visual Cliff - Refuge (2018)

The eight album from this US band.

Visual Cliff is a quartet with a lineup of piano, synths, keyboards, bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

This band started out as a fusion/jazz band. But they changed their style gradually during a couple of albums. I reviewed their seventh album, their 2013 album Between Two Kingdoms, back in April 2014 and found a changed band. You can read my review here.

The band has totally changed from a fusion/jazz band to a straight progressive rock band.

Progressive rock with a lot of US college rock, modern hard rock and some grunge. Both Pear Jam and Rush springs to mind here. Their music is still progressive rock with a lot of interesting details and pretty intricate melodies.

The guitars and the vocals are really cool and in the grunge rock genre. There is a lot of Rush references in their music.

Their swap of genres, or growing up, has been reasonable successful as this is a good album. It is perhaps not the most exciting album you can find. But this almost one hour long album still has a lot too offer and is a good choice for those who are still missing Rush and Pearl Jam.

3 points


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