Tuesday 24 April 2018

Reale Accademia Di Musica - Reale Accademia Di Musica (1972)

The debut album from this Italian band.

Reale Accademia Di Musica was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, mellotron, bass, drums, percussion and Italian vocals.
Guest musicians provided xtra mellotron and orchestral arrangements.

This band is an often forgotten Rock Progressive Italiano band.... Well, I forgot them until they released a new album earlier this year, which I off course purchased, and then found out that I had not reviewed their first and second album. So I am now doing that this spring.

This band occupies a position in the RPI scene pretty close to PFM. The music is both pastoral and melodic. It is also based on piano and some mellotron.
Henryk Cabanes vocals is really cool and fitting for this pastoral music. Ditto for the piano and the mellotrons. The guitars here are more like acoustic guitars although there are a few cascades of electric guitars here too.

This album is forty minutes long and has filled my office and my living room with some good moods during the last week.

It is also a very good album which serves as a timely reminder why RPI is such a great music genre. This album deserves a place in any good RPI album collection.

3.5 points

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