Wednesday 11 April 2018

Perdomo. Fernando - Out to Sea (2018)

The 15th or so album from this US artist and producer.

Fernando Perdomo did the guitars, bass, synths and keyboards on this album while Eddie Zyne did the drums.

This US artist is a new name to me. But he has a massive body of work behind him already. See the link above on his name for a full list. It is a long, long list.

Most of his work is in americana and jazz. Out To Sea is a dip into progressive rock.

Instrumental symphonic prog with a lot of americana and latin-jazz is how I will describe this album. Most of the music is guitars driven. Fernando Perdomo's guitars, that is.

There is some comparisons with Camel here. That if Camel had gone Latin-American instead of English and Irish. Yes, this is a very good comparison. Camel goes to Latin-America.

There is a lot of drive and a lot of good details here. There is also a lot of good bass and a lot of good moods here. There is also some mellotron sounding keyboards creating a good atmosphere here.

And I can feel the waves this journey on the oceans is plowing through. And it is very obvious that Fernando Perdomo knows what he is doing on this forty minutes long album.

The result is a good album and a bit of a surprise as I am no fan of instrumental progressive rock. But this is a good album and one to really check out.

3 points

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