Monday 9 April 2018

Percewood's Onagram - Tropical Brainforest (1972)

The third album from this German US band.

Percewoods Onagram was a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, piano and vocals.

I have reviewed their first two albums and you can find my reviews somewhere else in this blog.

It is fair to say that I am a lot less than impressed by this band. I was sold a 5 CDs box (one album was with Michels, their vocalist) and told the band was a cult band with some great albums.

Well, I disagree with this claim.

This album is an acoustic album with acoustic guitars and piano with Michel's vocals on the top.

There is some half-decent music on this forty-two minutes long album. The title track is a decent track. And there are some half-decent pianos and guitars too. The vocals are a bit strained and shouting.

Again, I am very far from being impressed by an Percewood's Onagram album. Hence the rating.

1.5 points

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