Sunday 22 April 2018

Kanguru - Dreaming (1976)

The one and only album from this Australian band.

Kanguru was a trio with a lineup of tabla, sitar, guitar, violin, cello and percussion.

This short lived band managed to release an album before they were disbanded. And that is all I know about them.

The band played indo/raga rock. A genre with not so many bands. I tend to avoid this genre myself. But during the last two days, I have reviewed two albums in this genre. This one and the Kalacakra album

Kanguru has a lot of the Indian sound with sitar and tabla. You also get this Indian ritualistic music here. But in the middle of this Indian landscape, the band has thrown in violins and cello too.

That sounds a bit strange because the violins is a bit gypsy music and classical music like. The cello is classical music. This clash is interesting and the best thing on this album.

The album is forty-four minutes long divided on four songs. It is not the most interesting album I have heard. I find the music a bit dull, even with the violins and cello.

Nevertheless, this is a decent album and one well worth checking out.

2 points

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