Tuesday 3 April 2018

Magnésis - Prés En Bulles... (2017)

The ninth album from this French band.

Magnesis is a quintet with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and French vocals.

I have always been a fan of this album. Well, for the last seven or eight years, that is. This is a band I really follows. One of my guilty pleasures...... well, honourable pleasures.

I have reviewed their previous eight albums for Progarchives and in # 1 of this blog. My reviews of their seventh and their eight album can be found here and here. I think it is fair to say that I love those two albums...........

The band started out as a neo-prog band with strong Ange influences and influences from the 1970s French symph prog rock scene. They developed their own style, bit by bit and from album to album.

I had expected a lot more of the same on this album. I got a shock. This album has two pieces of music. Pres En Bulles # 1 and # 2. Both of them very much instrumental with a few lines of vocals.
The music is very cinematic and I suspect these two pieces, each of them twenty odd minutes long, is the soundtrack to some movie or something else film or TV based drama. 
The music is still dynamic with some good symphonic prog and fusion themes.

.... Nevertheless, the music is still good. There is a lot of good themes here and both pieces are really working. So I am left bewildered but still satisfied by this Magnesis album. Check it out.

3 points

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