Tuesday 21 March 2017

... An introduction to this blog (updated 2015)

This is my three years old blog for reviews. I started it back in 10. February 2012 because I wanted to do my own blog, free of any restrictions placed on me by rules, regulations and editors.

I have been reviewing albums (casettes, LPs, CDs) for over 20 years now for various magazines and newspapers. I still have some hundreds/thousands of unreviewed albums in my collection and this blog is my outlet for these reviews. I am not going to run out of old and new albums for a long time, I am afraid.

The ratings will be added to the bottom of each review as x out of 5 points. I have always been forced to use a 1-5 points system and it is difficult to snap out of that filthy habit. I am too old to snap out of the habit now.

This review blog is just a personal hobby with no pretenses of being too serious. I do take the music seriously and I am thoroughly listening to the music. But I am not into writing long pieces about each album. I would refer you to ProgArchives and other music magazines for the likes of them. I like to keep my reviews sweet and short.

Neither is this a piracy blog with links to download albums. I may link to legally free albums, but that will be the full extent of what I can offer of freebies.  

Please note that this blog does not have a "best album of the year" rankings as I could not be bothered. I believe ProgArchives has the best list here and I refer you to them. 

Regularity of reviews/updates ? Whenever I feel for it. As simple as that. 

That's the intro out of the way....... I still got hundreds of old albums to review and I love this hobby and blog. Absolute love it. And I hope that shines through in my reviews. I also want to share my enthusiasm for music with you. 

.... and I you wonder what this rather strange blog title means, it is actually referring to something my mother said to me 40 years ago when we were listening to some fusion/rock on the radio. I was a small boy back then. She called the music "cat music". Which to a large extent is true. Some of the music I feature here in my blog is like the sound of fighting cats. Hence this blog title. 

I hope you will enjoy this blog and my writing here. If you like more of my writing, please note that I have two novels out now. My first novel The Final Ride was out in 2013 and my second novel Fragments Of Peter Svarttjern's Saga was out in 2014.

15. November 2015 

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