Monday 20 March 2017

Hidria Spacefolk - Symetria (2007)

The third album from this Finnish band.

The band was a quartet on this album with a lineup of synths, electric piano, bass, guitars and drums. Five other guest musicians contributed with trombone, harmonica, cello, jawharp, accordion, trumpet and more synths.

You will find my review of their three other albums in this blog. Hidria Spacefolk is a band I quite like and their three other albums is pretty good. Check out the reviews.

These Finns are giving us space rock. Ozric Tentacles is a very good reference, I have heard. I have yet to give Ozric Tentacles my attention. But if they are really similar to Hidria Spacefolk and this album, I will soon review the albums I have got with them.

Space rock can mean a lot. From the more primitive, almost black metal sounding space rock to the more refined and melodic type of space rock. This almost fifty minutes long album is very much in the refined and well developed space rock genre.

The music here is almost bordering to elegant. But space rock can never become elegant. This album is well within the space rock genre. Hence, there are some dirts on the wings of this album. Some muddy space rock.

The music is interesting, although not great, throughout these fifty minutes. Some more quality and greater song writing could had been an advantage. But this is nevertheless a good, entertaining album with some interesting twists and details. I hope this band is still around because I would not say no thanx to anything more from them. A new album would be welcomed in my house.

3 points

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