Sunday 15 October 2017

Som Imaginario - A Matança do Porco (1972)

The third and final album from this Brazilian band.

Som Imaginario was an eight piece big band on this album with a lineup of drums, violin, bass, keyboards, flute, contrabass, drums, percussions and some vocals.
Two guest musicians provided saxophone and guitar.

Som Imaginario was the backing band of the famous Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento. But they still released three albums without him.

Mainly a psych/space rock band, the band changed style on this, their final album. Gone is both psych and space rock. Gone is rock music too.

What we get here is a mix of fusion, jazz and bossa nova. Mostly fusion, though.

The nine tracks on this thirty-six minutes long album are mid-tempo. There are some intense music here with some intense guitar solos too. But always mid-paced and pretty melodic.

The very few vocals here are used as sound effects and nothing else. Sound effects which makes this album a pastoral album too.

The quality of the stuff here is pretty good, although not good. But it is a decent to good album from a band who deserves some more attention. Check them out.

2.5 points

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