Tuesday 10 October 2017

Blue Phantom - Distortions (1971)

The one and only album from this Italian project.

Blue Phantom was the brainchild of the Italian filmscore composer H. Tical aka Armando Sciascia. The musicians here are uncredited. But there is keyboards, drums, bass and guitars here.

Armando Sciascia was a film score composer who had done some films (surprise surprise). Then he decided to go into a much more psych and space rock territory with his compositions. Hence this album.

One of the songs here sounds like the classic Black Sabbath song by the same band from their debut album. It is more or less a variation of that track. A very dark track indeed.

Some of the other songs are more ambient and more like proper film scores. And a couple of these tracks are proper psych and space rock sketches.

Sketches and unfinished tracks is what these ten tracks are. They are brief outlines of what could had been proper songs with vocals and it all.

In short, this almost forty minutes long album does not feel like anything other than a demo and half-way houses. Nevertheless, it is a decent enough album which tells a lot about how big talent and composer Armando Sciascia was.

2 points

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