Sunday, 8 October 2017

Enbor - Katebegiak (1980)

The second and final album from this Spanish band.

Enbor was a seven piece big band with a lineup of winds, bass, drums, guitars and Basque vocals.

Enbor was one of the substantial amount of folk music/rock bands from the Basque province of Spain. A province of Spain with a very strong identity and culture.

I reviewed their 1979 self-titled debut album last month and you can find this review here. An album with a lot of charm and style.

Enbor has chosen a much more rock and pop path.... make that a wide road..... on this album. There are still a lot of folk rock here. But the emphasis is on rock.

The music is pretty commercial here with guitars, bass, winds and drums + vocals being the standard fare here. There is no surprises and no excitements on this album. There are some standard guitar solos too.

The songs are decent enough. But this album is nowhere as good as their debut album.

2 points


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