Monday 16 October 2017

Built for the Future - Chasing Light (2015)

The first and so far only album from this US band/project.

Built For The Future is a duo of Kenny Bissett on vocals and Patric Farrell on vocals, bass, drums, keyboards and guitars.
The duo has got help from three other musicians who provides cello, viola, guitars and violins.

I know nothing about this band besides of them releasing this album. An album handed to me one year ago in a trade deal.

ProgArchives tells us that the duo want to expand into a full band so they can play the songs on this CD live. Which seems like a good idea to me. Go for it !

Built For The Future plays neo-prog with a lot of AOR influences. There are a lot of post-millenium Rush influences here too as the material is mid-tempo and contemporary.

The sound is..... not exactly exciting. Very typical US neo-prog. Ditto for the music. It has a lot of vocal harmonies and guitar harmonies.

The album is seventy-one minutes long and it is pleasant on the ear. It is a pretty much a run of the mill album which does not really bring anything new to the scene. It is a decent to good album which may interest those into US neo-prog.

2.5 points

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