Wednesday 11 October 2017

Blue Shift - Levels of Undo (2015)

The second album from this US band.

Blue Shift is a quartet with a lineup of keyboards, drums, guitars and female vocals.

I got this album after hearing they are a symphonic prog band. That was based on their 1997 debut album Not The Future I Ordered. An album compared to ELP, Yes, Genesis and Supertramp. I did not get that album though.... I got Levels Of Undo, released eighteen years after their debut album.

Well, the band has packed down their Yes, ELP, Supertramp and Genesis albums in a box and put them in a cold storage. Which explains my long face...

What we get here is a mix of pop, cool vocal jazz, a bit avant-garde, a substantial chunk of electronica, a bit psych rock and yes, a pretty substantial chunk of US symphonic prog too. Discipline is a band that springs to mind.

The title track is over twenty minutes long. The opening track is over ten minutes long. And I am still confused about what I think about this album. There is so many things going on here and the album kicks like a wild horse in all directions.

The melodies and vocals is OK. Decent in fact. And that is the level of quality this very ambitious album has reached. There is no real good stuff here and I am a bit underwhelmed by this album. But check it out yourself.

2 points

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