Sunday 29 October 2017

Discipline - Chaos Out Of Order (1988)

The debut album from this US band.

Discipline was a trio with a lineup of guitars, piano, keyboards, violin, bass, drums and vocals.

This album was originally released in 1988 and re-released again in 2013 with a bonus track. The albums are basically the same as the bonus track was also recorded in that 1988 session.

I reviewed their third album, the 1997 album Unfolded Like Staircase back in September 2010 and rated that as a great album. I also noted it was a perfect mix of Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator. See my review here.
It is also my plan to review their last two albums within the next weeks/you will find my reviews of their last two albums somewhere else in this blog.

I would not really say that this album, Chaos Out Of Order, is a perfect blend of Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator. Chaos Out Of Order is a concept album of some sorts.

The music is pretty much bland neo-prog meets pomp pop. It is some Supertramp here and that is it. The art of songwriting has is a bit scetchy and very much lacking on this fifty-three minutes long album. There is no good songs here and the sound too is found wanting. Hence my rating.

2 points

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