Friday 20 October 2017

Brenner. Vytas - Jayeche (1975)

The third album from this Venezuela based musician.

Vytas Brenner did the synths, keyboards and some guitars here. He had help from his band, a quintet, who provided mandolin, percussion, guitars, bass and drums.

This album is a bit of a turn around after some very flowery folk inspired avant-garde jazz.... or whatever I called it.... first two albums. My reviews can be found somewhere else in this blog.

His first albums was very complex and dense eclectic. That cannot be said about this album, Jayeche.

Latin-American fusion is the label I would put on this album. Fusion with a lot of progressive rock too. The album is instrumental throughout. Vytas Brenner originally comes from Germany.... Which may explain one or two distinct references to krautrock on this album too. There is a bit of Agitation Free on this album. Very much so.

The music is not the most intense fusion I have heard. Neither is it particular laidback fusion either. There is a lot of dynamic pieces of music here, lead by organs and guitars. The bass, percussion and drums are also very busy.

But this music does not stress out the listener as it is quite nice on the ears and a dog tired body after work.

The result is thirty-seven minutes long album and a good one too. There is a lot of food for both the hearts and brains on this album. It is indeed a nice album despite of a very sub-standard cover art-work.

3 points

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