Tuesday 3 October 2017

Blind Ego - Liquid (2016)

The third album from RPWL guitarist Karlheinz Wallner from Germany.

Blind Ego has a lineup of guitars, bass, keyboards, programming and vocals.

Blind Ego is a project here where the contributing musicians comes from bands like Subsignal, Dreamscape, Panzerballet, Simeon Soul Charger and Sylvan. These are some of the better German neo-prog bands around.

I have yet to hear their first two albums so I cannot really comment on the musical development of Blind Ego.

This being the RPWL guitarist's solo project, I am not detonating a big bomb when I note that this album broadly speaking falls into this big church called "neo-prog".

And neo-prog it is. But a lot more heavy than I am used to from this genre. I would say it is 50/50 neo-prog and progressive metal. There is a lot of RPWL and a lot of Dream Theater here too. A lot of German progressive metal too.

The choruses are there and there is some pretty clever music too. I am not overawed as this is not really my type of music. My distaste for progressive metal are well known.

This album is a rather good album, though. Mostly because the melodies, vocals and riffs are rather clever and very well done/composed. Hence, another weak good rating is awarded. The second of today.

3 points 

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