Friday 13 October 2017

Et Cetera - Et Cetera (1971)

The debut album from this German band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of flute, keyboards, trumpet, sitar, electronics, lute, percussions, guitars and vocals.

There is some other bands called Et Cetera too. But this one only released two albums before they gave up. The band was the brainchild Wolfgang Dauner and is often referred to as Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera.

Our Et Cetera is an unashamed krautrock band. Avant-garde krautrock, that is. There is a lot of jazz and space rock here too. And that best describes this album.

My version of this album, and the one I am reviewing, is the 2008 CD version with some bonus tracks. It is one hour long and the bonus tracks fits in very well with the rest of the album. They actually improve the album.

An album which starts out as an avant-garde carcrash. An ugly carcrash called Thursday Morning Sunrise which has turned me off reviewing this album twice before I steadied myself and listened to the rest of this album.

The rest of the album, including the bonus tracks, is actually bordering to very good. There are some really good space and jazz melodies here. Some really classy melodies too. This album also has plenty of food for thought and is also very groovy at times.

So I do not regret that I took the plunge and reviewed this good album. 

3 points

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