Wednesday 4 October 2017

Blister Chap - Sweet Lilian (1980)

The second and final album from this German band.

Blister Chap was a eight piece big band with a lineup of bass, woodwinds, guitars, drums, keyboards, percussions and English vocals. A guest provides viola on one track.

Blister Chap was an obscure band on the fringes of the krautrock scene. Maybe they were a krautrock band.... I am not sure.
I have yet to get their 1977 debut album Goin In and I am not sure if I would get it either.

The music on this forty minutes long album is blues psychedelic krautrock. There is plenty of hard roch here too. Most will call this a hard rock album.

There is a lot more to this album than hard rock though. Something the final half of this album proves. There is some decent melodic krautrock at the end of this album. There are even some decent melodic rock here too. There is not so much woodwinds as I expected. The woodwinds is pretty sparse and I am not sure what the three woodwinds players was doing in this band. Being unemployed ? The keyboards, bass, drums and the guitars does most everything on this album. That and the very good vocals. The very good blues vocals.

The sound is pretty good and fans of 1970s rock would lap up this album. An album which is pretty charming, but not so full of substance as I hoped it would be.

This is therefore a decent album but nothing more than that. Check it out if you want.

2 points 

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