Thursday 12 October 2017

Alpha Lighting System - 836 (2017)

The second album from this Mexican band.

Alpha Lighting System is a trio with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals. A drummer guests on this album.

I have never heard about this band before I got this album sent to me. But the band created a bit of a sensation back in 2015 with their debut album Walking On An Earthlike Planet.

The trio is a young and very enthusiastic trio with lots of energy. Energy channeled into the music on this album. 

Their music can best be described as a mix of psych rock, heavy prog, fusion and symphonic prog. Take a mix of Dream Theater, Yes and Rush. Then you are somewhere near this album.

There is no progressive metal here though. The music is sometimes hard and noisy. But it is never metal. That itself is refreshing. The band has replaced the heaviness of metal with the heaviness of the most intense aspects of fusion.

The vocals and the vocal harmonies is very good here. The melodies is good and the sound is very good. This band is indeed very talented and their skills comes across very well here.

The end result is a very good one hour long album who never outstays it's welcome.

3.5 points

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