Wednesday 25 October 2017

Ponty. Jean Luc - Mystical Adventures (1981)

The 13th album from this French artist.

Jean Luc Ponty on violin and synths has help from a quintet here who provides guitars, electric organ, piano, bass, percussion, drums and some sporadic vocals.

The quality of the outputs from Jean Luc Ponty has been a bit up and down so far in his career. I still think his work in Mahavishnu Orchestra is the artistic highlight of his career.

But some of his solo albums has also been very good to great. They rises and falls like waves throughout.  Two very good albums followed by some lesser good albums and then another two very good albums.

Mystical Adventures sees Jean Luc Ponty return to fusion again. Proper fusion with a lot of jazz. But there is also a lot of symphonic prog here. His violin playing is sublime superb.

A bit more guitar focus and less synths would have been great on this forty minutes long album. But that is just a minor gripe.

There is a lot of very good melodies and details here. So much that this is indeed a very good album. A timeless album from a great artist. Enjoy !

3.5 points 


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