Thursday 26 October 2017

Brenner. Vytas - Ofrenda (1978)

The fourth album from this Venezuelan - German artist.

Vytas Brenner on strings, synths, piano and vocals had help from a sextet here who provided drums, bass, guitars, mandolin, congas, percussion, cuatro, clavinet and background vocals.

I have reviewed his first three albums and and you can find my reviews of those somewhere else in this blog. Ofrenda, this album is my final review of his albums although he released many more albums.

After releasing a surprising fusion album in 1975 (Jayeche), Vytas Brenner returned to the roots put down in earth on his first two albums. Eclectic folk music and pop music.

This half an hour long album has a false start though with a pure Latin-pop tune. Funky, but with vocals and a song with a hit potential anno 1978. It probably was a big hit in Venezuela too. Well deserved.

The album changes over to a much more eclectic fusion and folk avant-garde prog album after that false start/pop song. The music is still a bit cinematic. But it is also full of life and Latin lust for life.
 Lots of congas, guitars, piano and synths.  Lots of interesting details.

The music is dynamic and really funky throughout. So funky that it is infectious.

This is a really good album from an artist who deserve some more attention. His four first albums are really good and will please everyone into prog and fusion.

3 points

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