Thursday 5 October 2017

Malicorne - Nous Sommes Chanteurs De Sornettes (1977)

The fifth album from this French band.

Malicorne was a quintet with a lineup of mandocello, guitars, mandolin, hurdy gurdy, zither, cello, viola, violin, keyboards, crummhorn, bass, percussion, synths, piano, organ, glockenspiel and vocals. Both male and female French vocals.

I have reviewed their album for both this blog and # 1 of this blog where you can find my review of the Malicorne 2 album. The other reviews are scattered around this blog, the one you are visiting now.

Malicorne is a folk rock band from France. They are much more folk than rock. The rock part of the folk rock label is more or less non-excistent.

The vocals are in French. Both the male and female vocals from Mr and Mrs Yacoub. The vocals are very good. The themes escapes me as I do not speak a word of French.

Being a very vocals dominated album (and band), it is a bit difficult to find good details and melodies. There are some scattered around on this forty minutes long album. Malicorne has also taken some steps towards medieval music here too and that is an interesting development.

The end result is somewhere between a decent and a good album. It is a very dense album which demand a lot from the listener. But even giving the album it's full attention, the album comes up short.

2.5 points

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