Monday 9 October 2017

Blue Mammoth - Stories of a King (2016)

The second album from this Brazilian band.

Blue Mammoth was a quartet on this album with a lineup of cello, flute, guitars, bass, drums, percussions, keyboards and English vocals.

I had the fortune to review their 2011 self-titled debut album back in December 2011 for ProgArchives. On Christmas Eve, no less. You can read my review here.

Five years has gone and they have returned again for a new album. Their debut album was a good neo-prog album. I am pleased that the band has returned to the same genre again..... but with some additions.....

The band is a neo-prog band. They have though branched out a bit on this album.

Take Dutch neo-prog and add some folk rock in the vein of Jethro Tull. Not much, but there is a unmistaken smell of Jethro Tull here from the Aqualong album. The sound, mostly. Add a lot of classic symphonic prog too and we arrive at this almost seventy minutes long album.

The songs are all good and the sound is very good. The vocals are really good. I really like this album a lot and it has a lot more qualities than just the songs.

In short, this is a very good album which should get the band a lot more attention. Should.....

3.5 points

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