Wednesday 4 October 2017

Ponty. Jean Luc - A Taste For Passion (1979)

The eleventh album from this French artist/legend.

Jean Luc Ponty on his violin had company of a sextet who provided guitars, bass, drums, guitar synths, programming, keyboards and synths.

Jean Luc had a long career behind him by now. His probably best albums was done some years ago, both solo and as a member of Mahavishnu Orchestra.

He was an established artist by now with a pretty big fanbase. A loyal fanbase. So he could afford to relax a bit.

Which is exactly what he does here.

The music is pretty laidback jazz/fusion with a pretty big influence from and on movie and TV series soundtracks. The music is off course full of Jean Luc's violin and these are as good as always. The guitar solos is also laidback and the synths and keyboards are also laidback. There is not much intense music here.

That said, there is a lot of good to very good melodies here. More in the soundtrack mould than in the fusion mould, though. This is indeed an enjoyable album and a good one too. It gives the fans what they want. And that fanbase may even extend to myself now......

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