Monday 30 October 2017

Ocean - God's Clown (1976)

The debut album from this French band.

Ocean was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

There is numerous other bands with the name Ocean and this French combo should not be confused with the German and other combos with the same name.

This French combo has released three albums. The last one in 2016. Their second album was released in 1981. Well done, I have to say.

Ocean's music on God's Clown is very heavy. It is not truly heavy metal though. The music is a mix of Led Zeppelin, Man and Budgie. Add in a lot of blues and King Crimson too and you get this album.

The album is very noisy and full of spirit. Unrestrainded spirit. This forty minutes long album is a wild, wild ride.

There is also a lot of quality in this wild ride. It has a few mellow parts too amid the mayhem. Mayhem which also makes a lot of sense with air-raid like vocals and guitars. There is a lot of quality here and a lot of very interesting details.

The end result is a good album which deserves a lot more attention. Attention hereby given.

3 points

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