Monday 30 October 2017

Fred - Notes on a Picnic (2003)

The second and final album from this US band.

Fred was a sextet on this album with a lineup of saxophone, keyboards, drums, bass, electric violin, guitars, percussion and some vocals.

This is again a collection album of various recordings the band made in 1973/74. Just as their self-titled debut album was recordings made in 1971/72. Which is fine for me as the band and their recordings is too good to be ignored. You can find my review of the debut album here.

The music on Notes On A Picnic is totally different from their debut album.

What we get on a Notes On A Picnic is fusion. Fusion in the vein of Jean Luc Ponty and a bit like Mahavishnu Orchestra too.

The music is very intense at times with a great deal of organs and electric violins here. There is also some vocals at the end with some good electric guitars too and some funk. There are also some weird pop music here where the vocals kicks in.

Most of this one hour long album is fusion though. This is a better album than the debut album and it proves that Fred was not a bad band at all. Check out both albums as they are rather quirky and worthy of some attention and tender loving listening sessions in a sofa.

3 points

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