Saturday 5 August 2017

T - Fragmentropy (2015)

The fifth album from this German one man band.

Thomas Thielen is T and he does all the instruments here. That means synths, guitars, drums, bass and English vocals.

I reviewed the 2013 album Psychoanorexia here. I am pretty sure I got at least another T album somewhere and will have a look for it. If I find it, I will review it asap.

Thomas Thielen was a member of Scythe, a shortlived German neo-prog band. He is an integral part of the German progressive rock scene. A very impressive scene.

The music on Fragmentropy is also pretty special. Take Marillion and add a good chunk of post-rock too. Then add some operatic music too.

It is very difficult to pinpoint and indeed review a T album. The music is huge and big. This album is also very long. Lots of different layers and a lot of changing themes and scenery. A lot of bombastic guitars, synths and vocals. But does that make a good or even a great album ? I am not so sure......

The music here is indeed good throughout. Very good at times. I admire Thomas Thielen for his guts, his bravery and his will to create super-dense albums like this one. We are not talking sales of many thousand albums here. He is not Justin Beiber.

I rate this as a very good album. One to sink your teeth into. But be warned: The music here is seriously dense and demands one hundred percent concentration from the listener.

3.5 points


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