Sunday 27 August 2017

Metamorphosis - Dark (2009)

The fourth album from this Swiss band.

The band was reduced to basically one person, Jean Pierre-Scenk who played keyboards, drums, virtual bass and the English vocals. He was helped out by two guitarists who split the guitars recordings between them.

Their previous album, the 2005 opus Then All Was Silent, was a very good neo-prog album with a lot of improved musicians and song-writing skills. So I was really looking into sinking my teeth into Dark.....

Four years had passed and the band had seen some changes. Not so much in the music, though. Dark sees a continuation of what the band is all about.

That is neo-prog. That is what this band is all about. The music on Dark is a bit.... I am hesitant to state the obvious...... dark. It is dark with some agressive heavy guitars and some melancholic songs.

This album is a nice addition to their previous three albums and does not really bring anything news to their music. This one hour long album is also a good album and should be checked out by all those into neo-prog. It is another good album from a good neo-prog band.

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